Thursday, 29 September 2011

A new year, new faces, and a great experience

So classes started not that long ago and with the hectic schedule of getting situated for the year, it seems that the days just fly by. Now that things have settled, I can talk about the things I have done and the things that are ahead.

First, let's start with summer. It ended shortly after it begun because there was work to be done. My project took a good portion of time and though it is technically over, there are even more interesting things to investigate. Apparently, an oven is not as homogenous as once thought. But that remains to be completely determined.

This is my last semester of actual classes and I am in three. Starting with theoretical astrophysics, which by the way I should go ahead and recommend this to all incoming students first. Many of the things you learn after this class are first introduced in this class. I will also take observational astro II and space mission design project. Both wonderful classes. But it is good that my class load is lax this semester. It gives me time to prepare for my masters thesis, which will be investigating organic compounds on Saturn's moon, Titan. It also gives me time to apply for Ph.D. positions for next year.

In any case, the weather is still nice, but I know that "winter is coming".  I hope you had a good summer and welcome back to Uppsala.

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