Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Plots, plots, everywhere...

So in my last post, I mentioned my thesis. Now I admit I got off to a slow start, but that was because I had to teach myself MATLAB. However, once I got the hang of it, I am pumping out more results than my professor can keep up with. In fact, last week, he asked me to stop seeing him so he could other things done. I was too excited. So what I did was to re-organize all the data. I took the ephemeris data from Cassini and matched it to available Langmuir probe data so we had a location for each measurement. I then added solar coordinates to the data and from that calculated the solar zenith angle and the RAM angle (this requires explanation which I will not get into). Anyway, after all that, I created a data file that contained all the information. So for each flyby, there is a data file that contains all the relevant information. Once this was done, I could simply write simple commands and produce plots for anything in any number of dimensions. I attempted to put a rotating 3D plot for you to view but it didnt quite work out. So instead I just put up an example plot below.
This is the first flybys from Cassini. There will be a few more added next week, but it is basically a map (altitude not shown) of all flybys below a certain altitude. This plot doesn't really give that much insight into what is happening, it is more of a map than anything else.

In other news, our SNSB proposal was rejected. :( Oh well, it was a great learning experience and we gave the professionals a run for their money. But thanks to the feedback I received, I know the weak points of our proposal and now have experience in writing them so the next one will surely go better.

And lastly, PhD positions. Since I am oh so close to finishing up my master's, I have to think about the future. There are several positions here in Uppsala, and I plan on applying to all of them (I already have applied to one, and will do the other two this week --> my professor is out of town and told me to take a break). There is also one in Norway which I plan to apply to. I have gotten almost all of references and now have to write my letters (basically a personal statement) and update my cv. Busy few months ahead with this and thesis and a homework assignment I still owe. But I can do it. And besides, if I don't, someone else will and I won't have the opportunity to contribute. That is unacceptable.

Until next time...

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