Monday, 18 February 2013

The time has come...for administrative duties.

So you remember when I said that you are released and have to basically fend for yourself and make a name for yourself at Uppsala. The same goes for when you have finished. Now that I have finished my presentation, which went excellent by the way, I have to do the administrative tasks required to apply for my degree. That means chasing down teachers to get my grades reported, getting signatures indicating my thesis has been approved and I passed, and then I wait. Wait!? What for? Well, now I have to wait till all the grades are put into the system. Once that is done, then I have the points to apply for my degree. Well everything is done so now I wait. Once the points have been put into the system, and I submit the application, then I am completely done. It is ok though. It basically gives me a reason to come by and see what is happening within the walls of Ångström and talk to people about current and future projects. Hopefully to see if there is something I would be interested in doing as a future Ph.D. project. That is for next week though. As for now, the day is done so I am going home to relax and enjoy the fact that I have completed my M.Sc. from Uppsala University. Good luck to all the future students, perhaprs we will see each other walking the halls one day.

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