Saturday, 4 April 2015

Easter time!

As most people probably know, there was a solar eclipse about two weeks ago visible from Northern Europe. It was quite cloudy in Uppsala, which meant anyone who had bought special viewing glasses was disappointed. However, the clouds did provide enough protection to look at the sun for a short time without hurting yourself, and I did get a few good looks at the eclipse. I was actually in class while it was happening, but the nice thing about being in physics is that your teachers are likely to also be interested in this sort of thing, so we had a break during the lecture to go check it out.

My brother Callum got this shot through the clouds in Maastricht.
This is pretty much what it looked like in Uppsala too.
In other moon-related news, it's Easter this weekend (the date of Easter is based on the lunar cycle)! Good Friday and Easter Monday are both holidays in Sweden, so that makes for a nice long weekend. A lot of students seem to also have the entire next week free, but I still have class, albeit only for four hours. I was planning on going back to Amsterdam for the break, but I waited too long and flights got super expensive, so I decided I'm going to go next weekend instead.

That being said a lot of people (who were probably more organized than me) have managed to get away. A lot of students take long weekends to go to one of the Baltic countries for an affordable city break. You can get to several cities from Stockholm by ferry, which is supposed to be pretty fun! I haven't done it myself yet, but I beginning to come up with a plan to do it in June. Finland is another popular ferry destination from Sweden.

In lieu of an Easter trip, last night I went with my friend Fran (of the Uppsala Study in Sweden blog) and some other people to a billiards hall in the centre called Interpool. It was surprisingly classy inside and not too expensive at 50kr per hour. So there's something else to do if you're looking for a relaxed evening out in Uppsala.

Happy Easter!

Bonus shot of my new friend Luke and I at Interpool
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