Thursday, 19 May 2011

Swedish Spring

So spring has finally arrived...sort of. You still need a light jacket a few days and most evenings, but the plant life has bounced back faster than I thought it could. It is gorgeous and the sun starts to light the sky at around 3am (don't ask how I know). In any case, I presented a project yesterday for the IRF (Institutet för Rymdfysik), or the Swedish Institute for Space Physics and it went so well I am getting a contract to test space probes for NASA's MMS mission going up in two years. I say that is pretty good. :) I then had a seminar is Galaxy Physics which also went really well.

I also put the finishing touches on an Observational Astrophysics lab. We took pictures of M51 and used a program to edit the pictures to make our own color images. Here is one of my results...

Now I have to make a presentation for my Nuclear Astrophysics class on chemical abundances on the galactic thin and thick disk.

Oh yeah, one thing all prospective master's students should know...actually all students should know about Uppsala housing. It is difficult...and when you find a place, it is tradition to start looking for another one. :) Strange I know, but it can be kind of fun. You learn the town and are constantly meeting new people.

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