Friday, 6 May 2011

The interconnections of it all

Another week passed and another reason why this path I have chosen is a wonderful experience... In galaxy physics we had a seminar on AGNs (Active Galactic Nuclei for the non-indoctrinated) and galaxy clusters. In NAP, we had another guest lecturer, Prof. Edmunds. Both classes held my attention greatly...unfortunately not so much because of the material covered. The reason that my attention was held captive and I was enthralled and hanging on every single word was due to the interconnections between everything that I am learning here at Uppsala. During both the seminar and lectures, bits of information from other classes came up, which is to be expected, but the connections with things that I personally was studying made the lectures a wonderful experience. Being able to pick other people's brains from different places gives a much more varied image of the universe we live in and helps to be not only more objective, but to have different vantage points from which to draw conclusions. It also helps with memory retention. Having to access the same information in different contexts and at different times greatly improves understanding. I mean really...could it get any better when preparing for a career in research. :)

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