Sunday, 17 April 2011


I had a pretty good week in NAP (Nuclear Astroparticle Physics). We had a guest lecturer from the GSI institute in Germany. He gave us two lectures and a seminar about his work in nuclear physics as well as the new facility being developed at the GSI in Germany. Oh his name is Karlheinz Langanke. He spoke in depth about the FAIR project. FAIR stands for Factility for Antiproton and Ion Research ( It was quite enjoyable even if the jokes needed some help (we are physicists, not comedians). It gave me the opportunity to think about particle physics and how certain elements were made in our universe. Closer to my goal of understanding the how of the universe. As for the why, leave that to the philosophers.

Now for next week, classes are for the most part dismissed but the work doesn't end there. Going to spend it working on papers and homework. :)

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