Friday, 29 April 2011

Friday April 29, 2011

Good morning...Today is a special day, my birthday (yay me). So I did what any good slacker would do, I went to class. Of course this week in NAP (Nucear Astroparticle Physics for those who have not been paying attention) was not typical, at least not for me. We had an experimental nuclear physicist lecturing...keyword: experimental. I like hearing about a good theory now and again, but nothing is as exciting as getting your hands dirty and bringing theory to life (or death). So now in this one class we have had two researchers from across Europe come and talk to us...not bad Uppsala, not bad. Speaking of experiments, I finished my lab report as well. I was doing quality analysis on space probes. That's right, first year student working on space design. IT only took the better part of 6 months, but 65 thousand data points, about a hundred graphs, and hours of error analysis is done (well, almost...stil have to make the presentation :).

Also, lucky us had a guest presenter from GHOSTS yesterday.I am not going to say too much about it because I want to leave just enough suspense so you will visit their site and learn something about all the different places in the universe you can look. Link --> :). You should definitely give that a view as it is a large project that will take time and be round for many years to come.

Oh well, enough talk, time for work...and Happy Valborg!! (look it up...another reason to be in Uppsala)

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