Monday, 11 April 2011

physics of the nuclear astroparticle variety

three questions, 11 answers, and three, right? Well it wasn't too bad. I only messed up one question because I didn't have the book (which has since been remedied). It was more of a knowledge base test to see where everyone in the class stands. There were two different varieties: one for astro students and the other for nuclear students. I am an astro student so I had nuclear questions. The up side is that the test has already been returned to me so that I can correct my errors and get some of the points I lost back. It is more important to have the knowledge than to pass the test with high marks (that's how I see it anyway). --> This is important. Anyway, other than this test I had a seminar on dwarf galaxies in galaxy physics which went extremely well. Now to finish a paper for stellar physics and prepare for more. Yay!

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