Thursday, 10 January 2013

After a long absence, a welcome return

Hej alla!

After an unfortunate and personal leave of absence, I have returned to finish my master's work. The people here in the physics department were extremely understanding especially given the circumstances of my "disappearance". Now that everything has come to a close in that area, I can focus wholly on my studies. Of course, my return to Sweden was a bit cold. I left Mississippi at 20 plus and landed in Sweden at 20 below. It took a while but I have adjusted well enough. Now that my thesis is written, I have to wait eagerly for the comments from my supervisor (just a bit scared), and in the meantime prepare for my presentation. Then my master's work will be finished. I have also been practicing some Swedish in my free time. It will make the jokes funny if I can understand what is being said. Now it is time to do some more reading and prepare for tomorrow, another day doing what I enjoy most, trying to understand the universe I am a part of. Hej då.

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